2016 Family Enduro Info

The Club has lucked out on the weather the last 2 days, this morning I dumped out a 1/2 inch of rain that was for Tues. and Wed.    The trails were just a little wet this morning, after it dries today and Friday, we think the trails will be fantastic come Saturday morning.

The course will still be a loop north first at 15.8 mile, then back to the Covered Bridge for gas and lunch then south at 1:00 pm for the second loop at 18 mile and end up back at bridge.

We will have a concession Trailer on the grounds for Saturday.

The address at the Bridge is: 11245 S 990 E   Matthews, IN

the GPS is 4023.415 N    8529.057   W

2016 Muddobber Family Enduro

Our Family Enduro should be our best one ever. The first loop will be about 15.5 miles at 12 mph avg. this loop will go north of the bridge and back.     The second loop will go south and be 17 to 18 miles long ran at 18 mph avg. all of course is off road.    We have built over 12 Bridges over the creeks this year.